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July 9, 2018



I am very pleased to welcome you to your very own independently operated Macquarie Graduate School of Management Alumni Association (MGSMAA) with a mission to bring our extensive global alumni community closer together and best represent alumni on all matters relating to the future of MGSM.


As some of you may know, this year marks considerable change to one of Australia’s most applauded and recognised graduate business schools. On the back of continued and impressive results in 2017 where MGSM was rewarded with a No.1 ranking for Australia in the FT Global Ranking survey, reaching 47th globally, a heavily contested international post graduate market and sound growth in enrolments to our estimated 16,000 + strong alumni base, Macquarie University has started to implement a radical transformation program in the Faculty of Business and Economics with plans to leverage MGSM’s commercial and market success to provide a greater contribution to the university’s Faculty of Business and Economics. Initial feedback and results from an alumni petition suggest alumni have concerns with some of these changes and believe continued improvement in MGSM’s global rankings or brand equity next year or in the immediate future is unlikely.


The board has written to Macquarie Universities Executive Council and held a number of meetings with the Executive Dean of FBE to share this view.


To influence key decisions relating to these changes and to deliver the association’s charter and future objectives, the board will pursue the following agenda:

  • To be responsible and accountable to the MGSM Alumni community, for representing MGSM Alumni’s best interests locally and internationally.

  • To understand Macquarie University’s strategic direction for postgraduate business education and ensure the quality and calibre of the program endures with high value brand and reputation attached to the qualifications.

  • Offer support for accreditation and ranking submissions for the university, a source of future students through advocacy and referrals and industry engagement that will serve to enhance the quality of the education.

  • Play a key role to seek feedback and share the views of Alumni for the purposes of the postgraduate program development.


We are also seeking to invest in a leading alumni CRM system with interaction tools to help us better engage with you and support engagement between our international chapters. Please advise if you are in a position to make a donation toward this investment, any contribution would be most appreciated. I also ask that you please bookmark this website for now and help raise awareness of the MGSMAA with your alumni peers. Further updates will be provided shortly. On behalf of the board and is associated committees, we look forward to representing you and will provide our best efforts to ensure the MGSM brand achieves its full potential and your investment continues to prosper.


Best Regards,


Mark Pinder Chairman MGSMAA

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