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The MGSM Alumni Association has existed for just over a year with the ambition to connect Alumni that have traversed the corridors of the MGSM for over fifty years. The growing membership of Alumni had a unifying experience at the MGSM and are keen to connect to that experience and one another. 


The change that saw MGSM as an independent business school be merged into the newly formed Macquarie Business School was of concern to the Alumni more founded by a deep attachment to the MGSM reputation and desire to see MGSM be revered not removed.


Thankfully the University has recognised the prestige provided by the MGSM MBA program and has advised it is committed to maintaining and nurturing the MGSM MBA.


Mark Pinder was the one who stepped into the need to bring together the voice and sentiment of the Alumni and form the MGSM Alumni Association. He galvanised a strong board, recruited a range of like-minded Alumni to become part of his vision to reconnect the Alumni and established the Alumni Association to champion the preservation of the MGSM MBA.

Mark stepped down from his position last month, but will continue to be active member of the association. We want to acknowledge and celebrate Mark Pinder as our Founding Chairman for whom we will always be grateful that he took the step to galvanise the Alumni for the Alumni.

MGSM Alumni Association Board

June 2019


©2021 MGSM Alumni Association

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