MAMP ‘80s – morning exercises
MAMP ‘80s - classroom
MAMP Participants & Faculty ‘80s. Front row 4th from left- Russell Lansbury; 1st on right- Bruce McK
Opening ExEd program ‘80s
GSM function ‘80s-members of Advisory Board
Opening MAMP ‘80s
Don Aitken, Professor of Politics at Macquarie University
MAMP participants outdoors ‘80s
GSM Speaker
Robert Bruce & MAMP group ‘80s; Far right—Barbara Horsfield
MAMP ‘80s Bruce McKern teaching
Opening ExEd program ‘80s
MAMP ‘80s Bruce McKern teaching
Bruce McKern’s teaching assessment MAMP ‘80s
Margaret ??, Bruce McKern, Barbara Horsfield & Elizabeth (Liz) Harvey ‘80s
Donald Gibson ‘80s
John Hewson 2004
Opening Stage 5 1999-VC Di Yerbury
1994 Jakarta – MGSM & NCELTR
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