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Rebecca Murray - Chairman

MGSM Graduation Year 1994


Expertise, and industry experience:

 used my MGSM MBA experience to leave biochemistry and launch into a career as a marketing director in financial services - specialising in turning around underperforming marketing departments.  More recently, I have been running industry associations.


What are your current goals? 

To transform the MGSM Alumni into a powerful alumni network – and to build myself a portfolio career of directorships and consulting work.


What did studying at MGSM mean to you?  

It opened my eyes to how business works, and I learned how to make syndicate groups sing by harnessing the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of the team. Plus I made many wonderful long term friends.


Why do you think it’s important to keep a robust MGSM Alumni Association? 

Our alumni invested in their MGSM education expecting to join a powerful cohort with strong industry connections. We need to bring this dream to reality!  There are great things we can achieve together, for our alumni community, for the Macquarie Business School and for Australia.


How would you pitch joining the MGSMAA to an alumnus? 

You have done the hard work to get your MGSM qualification, and now you should reap the ongoing benefits by joining and supporting the association of alumni dedicated to realising the value of their MGSM investment – through networking, industry connections, career transition support, ongoing alumni education or whatever else the alumni decide to work together to build.  

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