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Since recently returning to Australia from Singapore, I have been asked how I have found the Asian job market and what’s different to Australia/New Zealand. Often this discussion has been constructed with the intent of assessing how many roles are available and also in the context of what is really going on the Asian and Australasian job markets.

So what are the secrets to getting there than coming back? (I’ll cover the getting back one as we go)

The movement of Australians and Kiwis to global roles are so easy to see given so many are on LinkedIn these days, and we look proudly on the profile photos of our fellow countrymen and countrywomen and see such happiness through success, wealth and opportunities in amazing companies in industries close to my heart such as Retail, Media, Hospitality and Consumer Goods.


And many have found new love, a growing family and a really friendly expatriate community of interesting and exciting people. As an “expat” you really do collaborate with work colleagues, other expatriates.

And the families bond on education, health and food, all between the travel that is always happening to everyone and is always an easy conversation starter….. How was France? Wasn’t Denver cold! Russia was amazing! How was the quick trip home?

Many Australians and Kiwis then go to Asia (North, South East, Greater Asia, Middle East or anywhere where your work is structured today in your business! or conversations!) as part of the global journey. And suddenly the warmth, friendliness and the quick flight home reminds them of their place of birth. It drives a burning desire to return home for many that I met, they are so close suddenly and yet so far for a great career step.

So with all the wonders of the world, better balanced, more challenged, great careers, happy families, then what is the challenge to go home? And in reverse, with such a wonderful experience outside home why come back? Surely like many of the world the diaspora becomes your new community, Serbs in Chicago, Irish in New York, South Africans in Dubai…etc. Where are the Aussies and Kiwis?


They know it’s time to come home…to the greatest place on earth for all the reasons we know …warmth, education, friends, family…. like the best holiday you ever had and want again.

Like the world, everywhere, Australia is changing and becoming more exciting in the world of Retail, Media, Hospitality and Consumer Goods.


There are more opportunities but harder to find as many new retailers open, others close, large Consumer, Media, Hospitality companies restructure constantly, and smaller ones find ways to open new channels and then there is the mystique of Private Equity, or those hard to access Board positions to really get your career moving!

Now here are the tips, the quick points that I state - when under pressure when asked - So what are the secrets to get away and get back!

Your working life (and perhaps life, but that’s a little deep) is like a dartboard (well that is my way to describe it);

  • The outer ring is everyday life - things happen when you are working - a friend suggests opening a pizza place in Indonesia (and a big hi to Robert…an amazing entrepreneur) but perhaps you don’t do it this time. Things happen but you still stay in the same company/maybe change roles….BUT you stay.

  • The inner ring is when you get a little excited about change (the 3 thing is happening – family, home, work) so you see a recruiter/look at job boards/find your long lost 1st degree connections and get really into “finding my best role ever” moment. Perhaps you do change companies…perhaps you don’t. But you know more about yourself and who to ask!

  • The Bulls Eye is what gets you there and back! Stay close to the companies that want to hire you! (not only where you want to work – some people do this and that’s great) – and stay close to a trusted partner/search consultant for another view and to help you network, it’s much more professional for a 3rd party to represent you and it’s a genuine payoff for all 3 parties.

Hope that helps unlock some of the mystery of going out and coming back!

Please do share this if you like it, let me know your thoughts and my next one will be out soon.

Peter Blair MBA

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