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SEPTEMBER 18, 2018

MGSM has an exceptional brand and reputation not just domestically but globally with over 16,000 alumni employed at senior levels across many of the world’s largest firms.

In recent months, Macquarie University has implemented structural and operational changes to MGSM to merge the school into its Faculty of Business and Economics effectively losing its autonomous standing in the university.


The jury is still out on whether this approach will see continued growth of MGSM or result in declining equity. Many alumni still believe 49 years of some autonomy was key to its success.

MGSM Alumni wish to see the brand and programs extend further in quality and presence globally, continued success in year on year growth global rankings and of course sustained accreditations.   It is important that you join us.

Whilst Macquarie University continues to develop its strategy, this has not limited the MGSMAA board’s appetite to proceed in assessing a number of strategic options to further connect the global alumni community through increased engagement, industry contribution and participation.

Since being formed in March this year, MGSMAA has established a reputable board and already announced Global Chapter Presidents based in global cities located in England, USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, GCC, India, and New Zealand and will provide further updates to this list on the association’s website as expansion continues to reach alumni located in over 65 countries globally.

MGSMAA is now focused on consulting with the university to assess ways on how they can best partner with them to ensure the strength of the MGSM brand moving forward.  We could use your help too – please join today.


Kate Gunn

Member, Board of Directors


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