Geoffrey Bartels - Legal

MGSM Graduation Year: 1992


Expertise, and industry experience:
Legal Corporate business & commercial 1976-2020; Company Director; Public Pvt NFP; Entrepreneur – Start-up to sell-out to Listed Public company, CEO early entrant jv multi-media; MD  Risk Mgt consultancy (current); govt appointments to various entities.

My current goal:
Providing high quality advice backed up by significant commercial experience.

What did studying at MGSM mean to me?
Met many amazing professional business managers who have progressed to be leaders in their field and high academic quality of faculty. 

Why do I think it’s important to keep a robust MGSMAA
The brand has high recognition world-wide and a robust MGSMAA is essential to maintenance of the brand through maintenance of collegiate associations.
A very good example of which is the Harvard Alumni.