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Lindsay Munns - Vice Chair

MGSM Graduation Year 2003

Expertise, and industry experience:
My expertise is the leadership and management of fast growth founder-led businesses across retail, wholesale and service industries.


My current goal:
To develop business models that enable these enterprises to thrive via innovative collaboration, low cost technology and market agility.

What did studying at MGSM mean to me?
Studying at MGSM was an opportunity to meet and benchmark myself against a high calibre cohort of management professionals within the environment of a highly rated hands-on learning environment.

Why do I think it’s important to keep a robust MGSMAA
The benefit of completing an MBA at MGSM was much more than the knowledge that was gained – the real bonus was to be connected into a highly motivated business cohort of international standing. Unfortunately that benefit seems to have been on the decline over the years, but through the MGSMAA we now have a prime opportunity to rebuild the MGSM name and reputation as something we can be really proud of.

How would I pitch joining the MGSMAA to an alumnus?

The real reason for joining the MGSMAA is not to just sit back as a passive member but to step up seize the opportunity to help create and nurture a highly connected business network amongst like-minded professionals, forming real connections with other alumni and broadening your skill base along the way.

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