On Tuesday 30th July 2019, the MGSMAA  held a workshop for Foundation Members to develop strategies for our future growth.

We were delighted to see that we had received responses from 28 members to attend this workshop at Macquarie University city campus. There will be further meetings and workshops to follow up on the many excellent proposals put forward at this event.

The topics discussed to be followed up on, and developed are:

Alumni Brand Identity

Alumni Connections

Alumni Interest groups

Alumni Experts

The MGSMAA would like to thank the members, and Macquarie University for helping us host this event. 


Lindsay Munns
John Zavaglia and Lindsay Munns
Richard Curtis and Owen Eather
Ian Walker and Krish Mootoosamy
Richard Curtis
John Nelligan and Lindsay Munns
Piers Morgan, Joe Widing, Warwick Brown, Karen Ganschow
Kate Gunn
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