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On the 8th of May, fourteen of our current MGSM Alumni Association members participated in a Mentoring Round Table at the Macquarie University City Campus. This was a great opportunity for each of us to meet with the next wave of MGSM graduates and discuss all aspects of mentoring and career management. 


We were all deeply impressed by the attendees passion and enthusiasm, and to share our experience with them is a joy. The MGSM Alumni Association would be delighted to have each of the attendees join our organisation on their graduation.


We would like to thank Ramya Acharya - Associate Director Alumni - Macquarie Business School and Professor Masud Behnia Director (Acting) MGSM for giving us the opportunity to participate in this  initiative.

We encourage all alumni to join as a Foundation Member.

Please click on the images below to enlarge (YouTube clip at bottom).


©2019 MGSM Alumni Association


©2019 MGSM Alumni Association

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