50 years of excellence - our archive photo gallery pays tribute to the people & events that made MGSM world-ranked institution. We will update the gallery as more images become available. Click on any image to enlarge.

circa 1986 Fundraising appeal
circa 1985 Philip Cox & Partners artist’s concept MGSM project
circa 1986 Fundraising appeal
20/5/1988: Official plaque Stages 1&2
Michael Little, Exec. Chairman of Unilever Australia (left) with 80's Members of GSM Advisory Board
80's Opening ExEd program
80's Opening ExEd program
1980s: Donald Gibson
1980s: Russell Lansbury
1980s: Robert Spillane
1980s: Bruce McKern
Margaret, Bruce McKern, Barbara Horsfield & Elizabeth (Liz) Harvey ‘80s
MAMP ‘80s. Front row 4th from left- Russell Lansbury; 1st on right- Bruce McKern
80's Donald Gibson
80's Bruce McKern lecturing
80's GSM speaker
MAMP ‘80s – morning exercises
Don Aitken, Professor of Politics at Macquarie University
Bruce McKern’s teaching assessment MAMP ‘80s
Opening MAMP 80's
1980s: Robert Bruce & Bill Donnelly, MAMP opening
1980s: MAMP participants
1980s: Bruce McKern & MAMP participants
1980s: Barbara Horsfield & MAMP participants
1980s: Robert Bruce closing night of MAMP
1980s: MAMP program
1990s: MGSM staff
1994 MGSM in Jakarta
1990s: Elizabeth More et al
1990s: Donald Gibson
1990s: On left is Doug Long & on right is John Schubert Chairman and MD of Esso Australia
1992: Graduation
1996: Bernard Carey
1996: Proofs from photoshoot
1999: 30th Anniversary Ball
1987: Marketing Program
1998: MGSM Graduation Class
1990s: Strategic Management Program
1990s: Strategic Management Program
1990: Marketing Program
1990s: Marketing Program
1996: Logistics Management Program
1999 VC Di Yerbury opening Stage 5
circa 2004: John Hewson and Al Gore
John Hewson 1994
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Bruce McKern's speech notes for opening ceremony

Michael Little, Exec. Chairman of Unilever Australia (left) with 80's Members of GSM Advisory Board