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To be a centre of excellence in global alumni engagement and become the first choice that MGSM alumni turn to when seeking to develop long lasting business relationships.


1. Community Engagement

We believe that the true legacy of the past 50 years investment by all in the MGSM brand is the combined 16,000+ alumni community located globally. We believe this is a privileged and unique business family whom organically have the best interests of each other at all times.

For all engagement, we will be respectful of any culture or geography and will seek to reflect the interests of this community in every decision.

2. Meaningful Impact

Alumni want more than a traditional member association experience and seek the association leadership to be ambitious in pursuing world class concepts, services and innovative partnerships that will ensure the association’s reputation mirrors the standing of an MBA qualification and that we operate accordingly in a sustainable way.

3. Valued Experience

The association and supporting alumni play a critical role in ensuring members enjoy a rewarding and valued experience. In development we will always recognise our foundation membership base to help steer our focus and for all contributors and volunteers, be respectful for their time and effort.

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