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Pat McDonald - Board Secretary

MGSM Years 1984 - 2017

Expertise, and industry experience:

Administrator, board secretary, corporate governance


My current goal:

To keep the dream alive that the first dean of MGSM began. 

True to Bruce McKern’s vision, I want to help retain the MGSM Alumni Association that grew from this and represents some of the finest people globally in business and academia.


What did working at MGSM mean to me?

Working at MGSM has been the pinnacle of my professional business career.I learned so much over the years and had the pleasure of working at a business school modelled on the world’s best, and staffed by lecturers who were in the top of their fields.


Why is it important to keep a robust MGSMAA?

Every graduate that I’ve maintained a relationship with has demonstrated a significant commitment to their MGSM, in time, effort and financial input. MGSM graduates deserve to have an Alumni Association that keeps working for them, and protects their interests.


How would I pitch joining the MGSMAA to an alumnus?

If you’re a recent graduate or an alumnus from decades ago, participating and contributing to this community is very rewarding.

Belonging to the MGSM Alumni Association is one way for us to work together and keep an active and vibrant network alive into the future. 

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