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We promised to update you on the next career steps for those lecturers who have recently taken voluntary redundancy from MGSM. No sitting on a beach, cocktail in hand and enjoying some relaxing time off for these folks. This is what they tell us they will be doing.

Professor Gayle Avery

If Gayle taught you leadership in your MBA then you will know the importance of Sustainable Leadership, whereby organisations generate high performance and resilience while taking care of the planet and society.

As co-director of the Institute for Sustainable Leadership (ISL), Gayle is putting this material online for global executives and is offering advanced training for anyone wanting to change direction to consult in the increasingly important area of Sustainable Leadership. You can find out more about ISL here:

Gayle stays connected to Macquarie as honorary professor for the next five years although this probably won’t involve teaching future MBA students. But it does mean she is contactable on her MQ email address:

Associate Professor Steven Segal

If you know Steven, if you have been lucky enough to have him teach you in Foundations of Management Thought or Executive Coaching, then you will know that he is a deeply empathic person of significant wisdom. Steven has established his own psychology and coaching practice. He tells us that his focus is on helping people with mental health concerns to lead their best possible lives. He will help his clients work through anxiety, depression, loss and feelings of meaninglessness to create new ways of seeing the world and live in new possibilities. An interesting aspect of Steven’s new practice is a specific offering in mental health for leaders. The focus of his coaching practice is on transformational anxiety and uncertainty that enables managers, leaders, and professionals to feel the confidence of their expertise and authority.

We expect that his new Psychology and Coaching practice will very quickly have a wait list for appointments. Steven is in the process of launching his own website. To be one of the first to view it click here:

Professor Richard Badham

Richard tells us that he has just confirmed that HEC Paris Management Department recommended his appointment as a full time tenure track Professor, but as the first couple of years required secondment to Qatar, the recommendation couldn't be implemented as his age exceeds Qatar's 60 years old age limit. HEC has been recognised as one of the top global business schools and one of the top 3 European business schools in nearly all rankings of MBAs and Exed Ed. HEC has long run collaborations with Oxford, NYU and LSE in major graduate programs, selects only 8% of applicants and, is recommended internationally for the networks it provides its alumni.

Richard emphasises that the environment and opportunities provided by MGSM makes those who have been 'mentored' and 'developed' in the system appointable at the highest level internationally.

Richard is soon to publish a textbook and associated website on the “Ironies of Organisational Change” that builds on his 14 years of MGSM teaching and over 4,000 action projects in industry informed by the frameworks. This, combined with the Coursera Course “Leading Transformations. Manage Change”, already online and available, provide the basis for further short- and long-term courses. Added to this is the recent publication of the third edition, of his book, “Power, Politics and Organizational Change” (Sage, 2020), means that he will be involved in future in using these for various forms of executive education in Australia and internationally.

You can contact Richard via his Macquarie email throughout 2021 ( or LinkedIn page (

In 2022, Richard will be taking up an Honorary Professorship at another Sydney university and details will be posted on LinkedIn when they are finalised and Macquarie emails forwarded on to the new email address.

Associate Professor Paul Nesbit

Paul has been on the faculty of Macquarie University since 1999 teaching the core MBA subject Organisational Behaviour as well as an elective subject that he developed, called Managerial Self-Development. He is known for his research on self-leadership and self-directed learning approaches for leader development and for his consulting work with industry in the area of leadership development.

Paul tells us that he is presently considering a number of options and embarking on writing a couple of books. Paul remains actively involved in supervision and in a research group and will have an Honorary position with the University this year. You can contact Paul at his MQ email:

Dr Andrew Heys

Andrew has been at MGSM for close to 20 years. He was most recently the Director of International Engagement and previously the director of the MBA, a post he held for more than three and a half years. Andrew taught Negotiation Theory and Practice and Organisational Behaviour. His research interests and consulting work include negotiation and conflict resolution, leadership, professional service firm management and strategic HRM. Andrew also has extensive experience as a management consultant across the Asia Pacific region.

In the short-term Andrew will be relaunching his consultancy Heys and Associates. Heys and Associates will focus on three areas – leadership, negotiation and communication. He also tells us that he’ll be embarking on an intensive training in Bahasa Indonesia with the aim of becoming fluent and ultimately, he’d like to find another role in international trade, or international engagement with a focus on Indonesia – SE Asia. You can contact Andrew at

Adjunct lecturers

An adjunct lecturer is hired on a casual basis from term to term and so are not part of the VR program. Due to the redesign of the MBA program and the need to reduce staff the following adjunct lecturers are not teaching at MGSM. Typically, an adjunct lecturer has extensive experience in industry so each of them will continue in their business.

Randal Tame

For more than 20 years Randal taught on the MGSM MBA program and executive education programs. He taught the core Strategic Frameworks unit and Strategic Management capstone unit. For the past twelve years he has developed and taught the popular Rhetoric for Managers (previously Public Performance for Managers) elective as well as the Learning to be Persuasive core unit for the Master of Management.

Randal also served in pro-bono roles on the MGSM Academic Board, Business Operations Committee. He was the chair of the Alumni Advisory Council, established the Public Speaking and Debating club and was a regular faculty presenter on MGSM information evenings.

Randal continues his work as a consultant in strategy, leadership and communication. His business, Influence Consulting (, specialises in applying the evidence from research into the social psychology of groups and team performance to help organisations build leadership bench strength and improve team and organisational performance. He also works as a communication adviser, speech writer and bid strategy consultant.

You can contact Randal at

Paul Blanket

Since 1992 Paul has been a regular lecturer of the Advertising & Promotions, Marketing Management and Marketing and Customer Value courses in the MBA and Master of Management Degrees at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, here and in Hong Kong.

Paul is the founder and principal of First Impressions, ( a small advertising and marketing consultancy that works closely with its clients to find the right solutions for whatever marketing problem need to be addressed. He works with brands such as Acer, Coca Cola, Moran Health, Telstra, Star City and Crabtree and Evelyn.

You can contact Paul at

The MGSM Alumni Association wishes them all great success!

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