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Australia’s national government has finally committed to net zero emissions by 2050, but there is no coherent plan for how we get there.

Following the announcement of a ‘Pathways to Zero Emissions’ interest group for MGSM alumni in collaboration with Impact X, interested alumni are invited to:

1) Join us at the virtual Impact X Summit Sydney 2021 “Accelerating pathways to Zero” on Nov 2-3 (with a 20% discount for our alumni),


2) Attend a face-to-face exclusive MGSM alumni event in Sydney on Monday Nov 8 at 6 pm for drinks to kick off our Pathways to Zero Emissions change interest group. To attend, press here.

Tony Boatman, co-founder of Impact X, is a proud MGSM alumnus and is sponsoring the face-to-face event - as well as providing alumni with a 20% discount off the conference registration fee. For more information on Tony’s impressive career since completing his MBA in 1999, please go to the end of this article.

Why attend the ImpactX conference on Accelerating Pathways to Zero Emissions?

The risks of climate change are clear. Nations are responding with commitments to net zero emissions and with massive investments into clean energy, decarbonisation technologies and carbon services. Of all nations, Australia faces some of the most extreme climate risks but also the greatest opportunity. NSW has recognised this with its Net Zero Plan to build resilience to climate change and generate economic growth, with new jobs and climate prosperity.

Technology will be critical to achieve net zero and the Impact X Summit on Climate Growth will bring Australia’s most promising and exciting innovators to the stage. The Summit will directly address the decarbonisation and resilience opportunity and connect technology founders and carbon service providers with the investors, buyers and partners they need to scale.

On 2-3 November, the IX Summit will produce actionable ideas and commitments to accelerating pathways to zero emissions. Business, finance and innovation leaders will present pathways to zero for agriculture, built environment, energy, industry and transport. Download the agenda. The Impact X Summit is supported by the NSW Government.

Some of the 105 speakers include:

Register for the Summit here for a 20% MGSM Alumni Discount.

Inaugural meeting of the ‘Pathways to Zero Emissions’ interest group for MGSM alumni

On Monday Nov 8, from 6-8 pm, at a venue tbd in or near the Sydney CBD, the MGSMAA will host alumni drinks and a meeting to discuss what we can do together to further Australia’s Pathways to Zero Emissions – through our businesses or our efforts as individual citizens.

To register your interest in attending the MGSM Pathways to Zero inaugural meeting on Nov 8, please press here. We will confirm the venue in or near the Sydney CBD once we have an idea of the number of alumni who wish to join this interest group.

We look forward to seeing you online at the conference on 2-3 November - and welcoming you to the face-to-face drinks and meeting on the evening of Nov 8!

Rebecca Murray

Tony Boatman

Co-Founder, Impact X

Life can take you to surprising places. And sometimes, when you look back, you can’t help but think, how did I get here from there? Tony Boatman grew up on a small farm in Australia. He used to milk a cow before school. The first in his family to attend university, Tony went on to lead Product Marketing for Nokia, Asia Pacific. At Nokia he launched the world’s first smart phone. Later as Head of Marketing at Microsoft he brought the Xbox 360 to millions of users. After leaving the corporate world, Tony co-founded Blueprints SA, a Swiss Health tech startup, which he sold in 2019, a social enterprise called Bicycle Barista and in 2012 was named Global top 100 Sustainability Leader for his work with Al Gore's Climate Project. Tony is an authentic leader and proven team builder who strives to disrupt the traditional idea of a job. “I get up each day feeling grateful for what I have and motivated to make a positive impact. Experiences excite me, things don’t.”

Tony holds a BSc from Melbourne Uni and an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

LinkedIn @tonyboatman

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