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Resetting for a new world of life, work and opportunity.

The World Economic Forum calls it the “great reset” – an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

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The challenges of the pandemic present leaders with an historic window of opportunity to reset and reshape our business models, how we work, how we live, and how we manage the global commons.

Our next MGSMAA Alumni Auditorium event brings together four extraordinary minds to explore and debate the how we might transform our future through workplace reform, strategy and a sustainable approach to performance.

Professor Eric Knight, internationally recognised as a scholar in the fields of organisational theory and strategic management and Macquarie Business School’s new executive dean, will chair a discussion with Professors Russel Lansbury and Robin Kramer, and Mr Glenn O’Rourke.

Robin Kramar, previously a Dean of MGSM, is well known in Australia and Europe for her work in social justice in the workplace. She argues that we need to rethink our understanding of performance. This, Robin argues, is necessary if we are to ensure sustainable outcomes for business, employees, society and the environment.

Russell Lansbury is one of Australia’s and the world’s, most highly respected industrial relations experts. He believes that the present crisis impels us to think about the future of Australia – one that will give hope to younger Australians while offering security to older members of our society.

Glenn O’Rourke, an MGSM alumnus, is a design strategist, recognised for his innovative work in creative place making and design of high-performance workplace environments. Glenn sees COVID as the largest work -from-home experiment in history which offers a chance to design new ways to work, live, socialise, be healthy and happy in a highly uncertain world

The Auditorium will be streamed free to a global audience from 5pm on the 29th October. But tickets are limited so you will need to reserve your place now. This is a don’t miss event.

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