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A Macquarie University research team led by Assoc. Professor Steven Segal kindly invites managers to participate in the research project “Shining Light on the Hidden Side of Management Transitions”.

This research will explore the lived experience of transition between being an expert and becoming a manager; being a manager and becoming a middle manager; and being a middle manager and becoming a senior manager.

While successful transition into a managerial role is crucial to your performance and career progress, unsuccessful transition leads to derailment, disengagement, burnout, anxiety and career stalling.

All transitions present challenges with which many managers struggle.

If you are a struggling yet courageous manager in your newly (within the last three years) managerial position we would like to hear about your experiences, your struggles, your emotions, your mistakes and your insights.

Potential benefits for participants involve the opportunity to put your own career, leadership and management experience into perspective, and develop a greater understanding of the management and leadership skills that you have developed and those which you wish to develop.

Your insights will help us generate a developmental program for managers to address the ‘hidden side’ of managing-in-transition.

We, the research team, will take all measures to preserve confidentiality of the research and your anonymity if you choose to participate.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Steven: