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The MGSM Alumni Association is proud to launch 'Ask Pat' our own 1-on-1 Career Management and Business Networking service free to our members.

This program is run by our own Pat McDonald, who has been helping alumni in this area for decades. In social networking they say that there are 'six degrees of separation' between everyone. In Pat's case there's a likelihood that far fewer steps are needed to put you in contact with a key connection.

Pat will help each candidate by assessing their LinkedIn profile while matching their requirements with a considerable database and organising introductions.

One Alumni who returned to Australia after decades in Asia and the Middle East had this to say about the Ask Pat program:

"After working 20 years abroad I had no recent Australian working experience and no current network that comes with this experience. I asked Pat for assistance and she very quickly provided full access to her very large active Australian network of contacts, including an immediate 1 on 1 introduction with an MGSM alumni who was consulting in very similar areas and with the same level of experience as me, able and willing to offer advice. Thank you Pat."

Another alumni, who is a recent graduate had this to say about the Ask Pat program:

“Pat has helped me connect and meet in person with digital solution experts from a range of top tier technology firms whom I would not be able to connect myself. As a soon-to-be MBA graduate who was struggling in career transition, being able to interact closely with senior people for industry insights and real-world experience has expanded my mind in exploring options in a new field.

The powerful network from these new connections also provided me valuable opportunities from internal referrals to get me into project management in the digital space.”

Anyone interested in either looking for career opportunities or expanding their business networks can participate in this program by clicking on the image below:

This free program is available for MGSM Alumni Association Members only. Not a member yet? Please join now.

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