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Following the success of our inaugural program last October, the MGSMAA and the Institute for Sustainable Leadership are delighted to announce that enrolments are open for the February 2022 Foundations in Sustainable Leadership program.

Our strategic partnership with the Institute is aimed at providing alumni with relevant post MBA professional development opportunities - while helping them reconnect with their fellow MGSM alumni to build valuable networks.

You are invited to join a cohort of your MGSM peers at the Foundations in Sustainable Leadership course. This 40-hour post MBA course can be completed online at your own pace. It is supplemented every two weeks by a one-hour zoom live call - exclusive to MGSM alumni - to interactively discuss aspects of Sustainable Leadership, and to promote networking within the alumni cohort on an ongoing basis.

The first online call will be held on Feb 15 at 6.00 pm-7.00 pm, although students are encouraged to commence their studies as soon as they enrol.

To enrol press here.

Want more information on the Foundations course? Press here to see an infographic

on the course content and a video from Dr Gayle Avery on how the course works.

Sustainable Leadership creates enduring value for all stakeholders by generating profits while caring for our planet and its inhabitants. The Institute for Sustainable Leadership is led by co-founders and directors Dr Gayle Avery, Honorary Professor at Macquarie University, and MGSM Alumnus Dr Harry Bergsteiner. For decades, Gayle and Harry personally delivered training on sustainable leadership to executives at top business schools and companies in Australia, Europe, China and Thailand, and took over 200 alumni on their highly popular European study tours in Sustainable Leadership.

Within the course content you will find learning modules on Understanding Leadership, Working with Leadership Cultures, Mastering Special Skills and Tools, Leading with Purpose, Fostering Sustainable Leadership, and Enhancing Performance.

At completion of the course, alumni receive a Certificate in Sustainable Leadership and will be welcomed into the active community of sustainable leadership certified MGSM alumni who completed the inaugural program and will join their ongoing monthly discussion forums. These sessions are separate from the MGSM student meetings. You will be eligible for future overseas study tours and will also benefit from free membership of the Institute during the 12 months from the date of your enrolment, enabling you to stay current in sustainable leadership.

Reviews from alumni who have already completed the Foundations of Sustainable Leadership program are shown below.

Who should do this course? This course is most suitable for:

  • CEOs and C-Suite executives or other senior managers who want to implement sustainable leadership in their organisations

  • Consultants who wish to add new expertise to their practices

Please note that the Institute can train managers in your organisation by enrolling them into the Foundations in Sustainable Leadership program as a separate cohort. Please contact Gayle Avery for more information on this corporate option.

It’s time to enrol now. Don’t delay, as the first online call commences Tuesday 15 February!

What do MGSM graduates think of the program?

“The Foundations course in Sustainable Leadership should be required for any leader who wants to guide their team towards long term sustainable performance. The course content was engaging and thought provoking, while the video conference discussions with other students provided a great learning experience and opportunity to connect and debate ideas with others.

I highly recommend this course.”

Chris Shuttleworth, MBA 2007 | Accredited Team Coach & Leadership Consultant

“The Foundations in Sustainable Leadership course is an invaluable program for those seeking to lead their organisation, big or small, on a successful journey to long-term sustainability. The program takes a considered, evidenced-based approach, demonstrating that the creation of a sustainable leadership culture can enable not only strong performance, but can also enhance organisational resilience and create enduring intrinsic value.

The online program is highly engaging, utilising different learning mediums, and providing a forum to interact with other professionals from different industries and sectors.”

Brigid Asquith-Hunt, Post Grad Diploma Marketing Management 2001, Director - Partner in Time Consulting

The Institute for Sustainable Leadership is the second ecosystem business that the MGSM Alumni Association is proud to partner with - following on from the launch a few months ago of Reconnex CEO Groups, exclusively for CEOs. Both businesses offer valuable professional development and networking exclusive to our MGSM alumni.

At the MGSMAA, we’re confident that both businesses provide great oportunities for alumni to progress career opportunities while building and supporting their valuable alumni networks – and we hope you can personally benefit!

For more information on our exciting new strategic partnerships, contact Rebecca Murray.

Please note that training programs provided by ISL in partnership with the MGSMAA are independent of Macquarie University.

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