Updated: Jul 6

The MGSM Alumni Association (MGSMAA) is gathering momentum and our membership is growing.

We now have a very active website and our Alumni News page is bursting with business tools and ideas from Graham Godbee, Randal Tame, Steven Segal, and John Croucher to name a few. In July we’re running Alumni Cafés (small group webinars) and Alumni Auditoriums (larger webinars). You can also view past events such as the Supply Chain Webinar series with Norma Harrison and the Life and Leadership Alumni Café event with Rich Curtis.

Going forward, we want to appeal to MGSM Alumni to really get involved and provide more news .

All of us have a story that would make other alumni sit up, tune in and take notice. If you have done something notable a Alumni Auditorium event could be appropriate. If it’s specialised, we could run an Alumni Café event where you get to present and discuss with a group of your peers.

Please contact me with information about your interest in telling “your story”.

Pat McDonald

email: patmcdonald@mgsmaa.com