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Dr Steven Segal is now offering Existential Executive Coaching (EEC). This will be of interest and benefit to all leaders, managers, coaches, and agents of change who are ready to make a qualitative leap into a new way of thinking, relating, performing and being in organisations.

Commentators today will often describe issues, problems, and challenges as being “existential”. For leaders and managers, existential challenges are especially important, because their professional development, growth and authentic identities as leaders and managers are shaped by how they respond to existential challenges (ECs).

Existential Challenges (ECs) occur under “real-time” pressure. ECs confronting leaders and managers are unlimited but the most urgent of them include:

1. how they respond (not react) to uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity,

2. the decisions they make,

3. risks that they take,

4. relationships they build,

5. commitments they make,

6. responsibilities that they take, and

7. the way in which they resolutely step into the unknown and unfamiliar.

Existential Executive Coaching (EEC) is structured to include individual coaching and group coaching workshops.

For further information please contact:

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