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The MGSM Alumni Association represents the community of MGSM Alumni working together to reconnect with fellow alumni and industry in order to realise the value of their investment in the MGSM brand.

The focus of the MGSMAA Board is on creating a growing, strong independent alumni association which can respond to members’ needs for advocacy and member services on a sustainable basis. If you are interested in reconnecting with your alumni cohorts and helping the Association with its rapid growth and roll out of new alumni services, now is the time to let us know! We need additional board directors and sub-committee members with the following backgrounds:

· Legal

· IT

· Fundraising/sponsorships

· Sales & Marketing

· Human Resources

· Events

· Communications

· General management

· Project management

Benefits of participation:

· Opportunity to give back to the MGSM alumni by helping our network become an increasingly valuable asset for all of us

· Regain contact with and build your profile amongst an influential alumni group

· Gain new leadership skills for your CV

· Have fun re-living the fabulous syndicate group experiences you so fondly remember….!

Who should apply? For sub-committee roles, we are looking for enthusiastic alumni or lecturers/previous lecturers with a range of skills and ages, representing the full range of alumni from recent graduates to those who have retired. For board roles, we need those who either already have board experience or are at a stage in their careers where they wish to gain NFP board experience.

Director commitments: Directors will need to attend monthly board meetings (currently via Zoom after hours), provide regular input between meetings,  assume responsibility for tasks assigned by the Chairman, and participate in a board sub-committee. At this time of rapid growth and expansion of services, the commitment is significant – consider it to be a part time job.

Board Sub Committee commitments: Members will meet approximately monthly (again, currently via Zoom) to participate in brainstorming new services and helping roll them out.

Remuneration: All roles are voluntary with only really essential expenses reimbursed. We endeavour to promote our directors and sub-committee members to the alumni community to thank them in a small way and hopefully help them with building their profiles – but essentially participation is a form of giving back to help the alumni community.

Interested? For more information or to register your interest, please email Rebecca Murray on or call me on 0419 633 346. Board applications go through the Nominations Committee and participation on a sub-committee is often a way of identifying future board talent.

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