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It’s easy – if you have received this Thursday's email, you are not yet a Member of the Association!

We have two types of alumni on our database, newsletter subscribers and Foundation Members.

Foundation Members receive their newsletter at least a day earlier, receiving more services and first access to our popular Alumni Café events - which often sell out before they are advertised more broadly to the full newsletter subscriber database.

So the fact that you have received this email on Thursday means that you are still only a newsletter subscriber and may be missing out…

The good news is that you can become a Foundation Member by joining here.

What is the MGSM Alumni Association? We are a fully independent incorporated association administered by alumni volunteers and representative of the estimated 16,000+ graduates of MGSM globally.

Some alumni are unclear on the difference between the MGSM Alumni Association and the MBS Alumni Relations team, and so this table may help:

Please note that the we do encourage MGSM alumni to gain the benefits of belonging to both the broader MBS/MU alumni and the more exclusive MGSM Alumni Association. The MBS provides some useful programs and educational events for all graduates - whereas the MGSMAA provides exclusive events and networking opportunities where you can interact with like-minded senior MGSM alumni.

With our networking opportunities for the MGSM alumni community growing, it’s important to understand that the best resources and events will increasingly be available for Members only - and so we encourage you to join if you have not already done so.

Benefits of Foundation Membership include:

· First access to events and networking opportunities which have limited capacity

· Access to member-only networking opportunities (coming soon)

· Involvement in shaping the future of the association via ongoing research input

· Invitations to participate in board roles and sub-committee projects to build the alumni community – recreate that syndicate group experience!

· Lifetime status as a Foundation Member for a once off fee of $150 – an opportunity to give back to help build the alumni network opportunities.

To become a Foundation Member, click here.

If you need more information on whether or not you are a Foundation Member or how to become one, please call Jaymie Rowland from the Reconnect Alumni Board Sub-Committee on 0405 342 598.

We look forward to welcoming you as a valued Foundation Member soon!

Rebecca Murray


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