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Indago Digital, the multi award-winning media agency and a valued sponsor of the MGSMAA, has kindly agreed to make the slides and videos from its MGSM Alumni breakfast event available to all our alumni.

Their presentation, held in early April, focussed on giving alumni practical advice on improving their digital marketing, sharing five key strategies and implementation plans for improving ROI long-term post pandemic. The insights were very well received by the 40 attendees.

The breakfast event featured an expert panel and a lively Q&A, moderated by Karen Ganschow, Head of Data Sciences at Aware Super and a lecturer in Marketing and Customer Experience at the Macquarie University Business School and University of Sydney Business School.

The panel included Indago Digital’s Chief Technical Officer, Peter Dimakidis, Head of Performance and Analytics, Preet Singh and Head of Performance Luke Ashmore-Delaney.

Key topics included:

  1. The importance of unifying data to realise company-wide gains and create meaningful and sustainable change,

  2. Improving website conversion rates via responsive, outcome-driven web design, interactive experiences, site architecture and progressive web apps.

  3. Conversion-focused SEO,

  4. The rise of digital ad spend and how to use it to ensure website conversion

  5. Modern-day web development.

Please download the the slides by clicking below:

PETER DIMAKIDIS - Modern Day Web Development
Download PDF • 2.47MB

LUKE ASHMORE-DELANEY - Digital Marketing In Australia
Download PDF • 2.09MB

PREET SINGH - Aligning Marketing and Business Data
Download PDF • 1.27MB

PREET SINGH - Paid Media Automation
Download PDF • 1.01MB

Please see the videos here.

The MGSMAA is thrilled to have partnered with Indago Digital to offer alumni this critical professional development opportunity in digital marketing.

For any questions on these presentations, please contact Sarah Greenaway, +61 414 517 869, or for more information on Indago Digital, please go to their website

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