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Reconnect with your MBA network!

As a very new Alumni (the ink is still drying on my final essay) and Foundation Member of the MGSMAA, I’m excited to play a part in growing and maintaining this incredible network of talented people. A large part of my reason for choosing to study at MGSM was the calibre of my cohorts, so I’m passionate about keeping those relationships alive, and of course fostering new ones with fellow graduates from other years.

Like many of us, I benefitted greatly from MGSM, going into the course in 2016 as a senior retail executive who’d reached a ceiling. I was looking for a way up to GM or out to another industry, and needed to round out my knowledge and my ‘management language’. Long story short, about halfway through the course my love of strategic frameworks and change management led me to jump across to Med-Tech and implement consumer centric change projects in the digital health space. Certainly not a leap I would have considered pre-MBA!

I’m currently heading up the Reconnecting Alumni Board Sub-Committee, and am seeking your help to find our missing alumni peers and connect them into the association. If you are interested in helping reach out within the alumni community, I’d love to have a chat. And if you have kept in touch with your cohorts, send them my way.

The more of your peers who join you here, the more interesting our events and opportunities become! Contact me on 0405 342 598 or email here

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