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My commitment to MGSM began back in 1984 when I was hired to work at Macquarie University’s Graduate School of Management (GSM). Bruce McKern was the Head of School (Dean). A couple of years earlier, he had set in motion with the university and the school’s Advisory Board a plan to establish an MBA business school along the lines of Harvard. The Advisory Board engaged with the business community to raise approximately $1.5million to build a teaching building exclusively for MGSM students. The Australian Federal government matched the business and private donations. The teaching building was open for business in May 1988.

GSM moved on and built staff buildings, a hotel, another teaching building and established campuses in Singapore, Hong Kong and a Sydney CBD campus. The school also moved away from the 2-semester, university year to a 4-term year to better suit business people intent on completing the MBA. The MGSM MBA brand was established.

In the 33 years that I worked at MGSM, I met so many of you as students, who then became MGSM alumni. It has been an absolute honour to have worked closely with you. This has been the highlight of my professional career.

In 2017 I resigned from MGSM.

In early 2018 Mark Pinder and I set up the MGSM Alumni Association a fully independent, incorporated association administered by and representative of the estimated 16,000+ graduates of Macquarie Graduate School of Management globally. Its purpose is to represent the common interest for MGSM’s alumni community on all aspects relating to their investment in the MGSM brand.

Mark Pinder Inaugural MGSMAA Chairman

Directors to date have been: Mark Pinder (inaugural Chairman), Bill Beerworth, Lindsay Munns, Michael Morgan, Karen Ganschow (Chairman May-November 2019), Rich Curtis, Richard Kimber, Kate Gunn, Kristin Rogers, Ryan Cho, Trent Daniels, Randal Tame, Alan Macdonald and Rebecca Murray (current Chairman). Anne Terry also assisted extensively with legal advice about setting up the MGSMAA.

Since being launched the MGSMAA board has met and conducted business on a monthly basis. All directors, despite having full-time jobs, volunteer their specialist knowledge and experience to operate the association and its Global Chapters, CRM, website, event planning, sponsorship and so much more.

The MGSMAA is currently offering a Foundation Membership package to the alumni, but this will be ending soon. Details can be found at

I would like to invite you to consider joining the MGSMAA and for us to work together to continue to build the value of your MBA brand: MGSM – for alumni, by alumni.

Pat McDonald

Board Secretary

MGSM Alumni Association

To become a Foundation Member of the MGSM Alumni Association, please click here.

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