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Our MGSM alumni have such a wide variety of interests – we’re involved in most industries globally, and we represent age groups from those in their late 20s who are embarking on their careers, to those in career full flight, to those who have retired.

With a small volunteer management team, the Board realised we need to expand the events and other opportunities we offer to alumni beyond what we can physically manage ourselves. As it turns out, there are organisations around which already host events and are delighted at the idea of MGSM alumni joining their events – while our alumni will benefit from being on an MGSM table, networking with their fellow MGSM alumni while attending these events.

We’re delighted to announce our first such alliance. The MGSMAA has taken out AmCham membership in Australia and as a result, all of our alumni are entitled to join other AmCham members at their events at member rates. Other non-event related membership benefits are also available to our MGSM alumni, and are described on their website:

Over time, we hope to have many such alliances, globally, to benefit MGSM alumni wherever they are living.

Background of AmCham: AmCham’s aim is to be a critical hub offering connections and access to opportunity. AmCham gives members exclusive access to thought leadership, communities of interest, policy advice, business advocacy, information, and relationships with business and government.

AmCham events: AmCham offer events in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Sydney, and we look forward to hosting MGSM tables at these events going forwards.

Our first event is in Sydney:

· The Changing Face of Capitalism in Australia, luncheon on 22nd July, with guest speaker Andrew Liveris AO, former Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company. For more information press here.

To attend this prestigious event at the MGSM AmCham member rate, please email Doug Grant at AmCham on to organise a ticket and he will ensure you are offered the option of being on an MGSM table with your alumni peers.

NOTE: This event is currently cancelled due to covid. We will send notification once the rescheduled data is confirmed.

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