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The MGSMAA and the Institute for Sustainable Leadership are delighted to announce two important new micro courses from the Institute for Sustainable Leadership:

1. Essential Leadership Tools: This applied course trains professionals and specialists in using the basic leadership tools needed to improve both team and individual efficiency and productivity, while at the same time enhancing staff motivation. The course covers management techniques for guiding, developing and inspiring people, and gaining insight into organisational behaviour.

Facilitator: Leadership expert Dr Gayle Avery.

2. The Brain & Sustainable Leadership – This course explains how to work with human nature to develop better habits, improve productivity and innovation, and change behaviours and cultures. Among the many topics covered are writing better emails, fixing bad habits, offering psychological safety, improving our memories, and becoming more innovative and creative.

Facilitator: Renowned neuroscientist Dr Mark Williams

Both courses take a maximum of 10 hours to complete and are suitable for MGSM alumni wishing to develop their people skills or those of their teams. If you wish to run a program for your entire team, the Institute can run separate online sessions for them to help them network.

MGSMAA’s strategic partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Leadership is aimed at providing alumni with relevant post MBA professional development opportunities. The Institute is led by co-founders and directors Dr Gayle Avery, Honorary Professor at Macquarie University, and MGSM Alumnus Dr Harry Bergsteiner. For decades, Gayle and Harry personally delivered training on sustainable leadership to executives at top business schools and companies in Australia, Europe, China and Thailand, and took over 200 alumni on their highly popular European study tours in Sustainable Leadership.

For more information on these new micro courses, please email the institute at :


The MGSM Alumni Association is proud to partner with ecosystem business the Institute for Sustainable Leadership. Another ecosystem business, Reconnex CEO Groups, exclusively for CEOs, is about to launch following Covid delays to face-to-face meetings. We’re confident that both businesses offer valuable professional development to progress career opportunities while building and supporting their valuable MGSM alumni networks - and we hope you can personally benefit!

Please note that these ecosystem businesses are unrelated to any courses provided by Macquarie Business School.

For more information on our exciting new strategic partnerships, contact Rebecca Murray.

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