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Dear MGSM Alumni

What a year was 2021 – challenging for most and truly horrific for some of our members globally. May 2022 be a happier year for you personally, your families and your businesses!

Your MGSM alumni association also had its challenges. Trying to create reconnection and ongoing education opportunities for alumni was difficult when face-to-face meetings were banned or risky, and zoom fatigue was rampant.

We are now attacking the New Year with enthusiasm. Here are two exciting partnerships currently ramping up for 2022 designed to provide quality ongoing education and reconnection opportunities for our alumni:

  1. Reconnex CEO Groups: Exclusively for MGSM alumni who are CEOs, MDs or GMs responsible for non-competing businesses. Key CEO participants together agreed to delay the launch until it is safe to meet face to face due to the confidentiality of the topics to be discussed, and we are likely to have our kick-off meeting in about two months. For more information or if you have not yet registered your interest press here.

  2. Institute for Sustainable Leadership: Suitable for heads of businesses/senior managers interested in implementing sustainable business practices into their organisations, or consultants planning to assist organisations with their change programs. For more information on the upcoming February intake into the Foundations of Sustainable Leadership program, press here. Alumni who completed the program in 2021 have given it rave reviews! They are also benefitting from ongoing interaction with their cohort group facilitated by ISL.

Interest groups: A new initiative for 2022 is the setting up of Interest Groups for alumni, designed to deepen industry connections, knowledge and networking within specific industries, areas of expertise or interest. We envisage setting up interest groups across many industries and functional areas, which will be suitable for all levels of seniority of alumni, e.g. marketing managers/management consultants/climate change activists/pharmaceutical executives/software developers etc. These interest groups will meet monthly or as agreed amongst the participants for ongoing education and networking.

Is your organization a potential sponsor for an interest group? If so please contact us. Sponsors will support the interest group by providing a meeting room/refreshments and leading edge content to participating alumni. In return, the sponsor benefits by building brand awareness and contacts amongst the participants and alumni generally.

Finally, if you are interested in assisting the MGSM Alumni Association by participating on a committee, please let me know – volunteers are always so welcome!

Rebecca Murray

Interim CEO

MGSM Alumni Association

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