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At the end of June, I will be stepping down as interim CEO of the MGSMAA - providing an opportunity for a new team to take on leadership of your association.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as Interim CEO role at the MGSM Alumni Association following two years as Chair, but it’s now time for me to refocus on my consulting work and board roles.

Prior to the pandemic, the MGSMAA was on a roll, building up our database of alumni to 4000 members, and achieving record numbers of alumni attending events and reading the newsletter. The directors and the management team put in an incredible effort - but given our alumni’s focus on catching up with their peers, things naturally slowed down during the pandemic.

It’s now a great time to rebuild that exciting momentum!

New Management Team needed

We need a new management team – including committee members to run events, communications, university relations, IT and CRM. Now is the time to put up your hand! Please call me on +61 419 633 346 or email your potential interest. We will organize a group catch up to discuss, with the objective of getting a new management team up and running asap.

My next move

I have had a lot of fun in the last year or so doing voluntary work for Rotary, specifically the fabulous Rotary Club of Sydney Cove which has members from all around Sydney and meets on a cruise ship at Circular Quay. It’s quite incredible what a committed group of people can do to support the underprivileged, and I’m in training to take on the role of President of the club next year, which is why I’m stepping down from my MGSMAA role.

I would love to introduce any interested MGSM alumni into this Rotary club – contact me here if you would like to hear more about volunteering opportunities to give back to the community.

Onwards and upwards

Again, thank you to all MGSM alumni for your enthusiastic support of your independent alumni association and personally I look forward to keeping in touch at future events. We owe a debt of gratitude for all the amazing alumni who have stepped up in different eras as Directors, Committee members and Management team – there are too many of you to name individually.

As we all consider our business options in this challenging semi post-Covid environment, I believe we need our networks of peers and mentors more than ever – so let’s each of us commit to supporting the association into the future!

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