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The MGSMAA has been working with the Macquarie Incubator team to clarify opportunities available to our MGSM alumni.

We are forging a partnership aimed at enabling the MGSM alumni entrepreneurial community to reconnect with each other - building our own MGSM entrepreneurial community while supporting the wider Macquarie University entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Melissa Ryan, Director Incubation & Entrepreneurship & Venture Café at the MQ Incubator, said: “We welcome the involvement of the valuable MGSM alumni community in the MQ Incubator programs”.

The MQ Incubator was established by Macquarie University in 2017 with a charter to develop innovation ecosystems via philanthropic and operational funding models. There are presently 30 companies leveraging the MQ Incubator space, education and mentoring programs. With the average age of the founding entrepreneurs being 38 – 40, there is still time for some of us older alumni to become an entrepreneur, or to get involved in other ways!

How can MGSM Alumni get involved? In the coming weeks we will share with you how to get involved as an:

1. Entrepreneur,

2. Mentor,

3. Judge, Interviewer or Pitching Review Panel member,

4. Start-up Board Member, or

5. Angel Investor

There may be opportunities going forwards for MGSM alumni to develop for profit services that support the Macquarie University entrepreneurial ecosystem – watch this space.

In the meantime, please email Belinda Vassallo (please add subject “Entrepreneurship Program – expression of interest”) to express your interest in becoming part of the MGSM alumni entrepreneurial community - suggesting how you would like to get involved.

And watch out for more articles on each of these opportunities in the weeks ahead - plus some online events soon to answer questions and discuss opportunities and interests.

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