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Our outreach to heads of significant organisations regarding the Reconnex CEO Groups program has generated a very strong positive response from alumni – with the information events almost booked out - which bodes well for this new offering to alumni!

However, as a result of the continuing lockdown in NSW, we have had to reschedule the information events.

If you have already sent in an EOI and/or responded to a personalised invitation, we will be in touch within a few days by phone to re-book you for a later date. No action is required.

But if you have not yet been in touch with us and qualify as a CEO/MD/GM/President of an organisation with revenues of more than $5M or more than 20 employees, then we would still like to hear from you. Please fill out this Expression of Interest to find out more and to be invited to an information event with your fellow alumni CEOs.

Our plan is to initially set up a couple of CEO Groups in Sydney, and then to expand to other capital cities in Australia and potentially globally in the New Year. Setting up a CEO Group depends on finding a critical mass of non-competing MGSM alumni CEOs who can meet locally for professional development and peer support.

For more information on Reconnex CEO Groups, go to or contact us here.

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