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Randal Tame – Managing Director Influence Consulting

MGSM Graduation Year: 1993


Expertise, and industry experience:

Strategy, leadership & influence. Thirty years helping business achieve high performance through strategic clarity and leadership bench-strength.

My current goals:

Develop the ground-breaking science of the social identity approach as the gold-standard to understanding and improving leadership, performance and health.   

What did studying at MGSM mean to me?:  

MGSM gave me skills and knowledge I was expecting but I was surprised by how positively transformational it was. I left a different person.


Why do I think it’s important to keep a robust MGSMAA:  

A robust alumni is one of the best ways of ensuring that the MGSM MBA program continues to be  perceived as one of the best in the world in producing globally capable managers and leaders.


How would I pitch joining the MGSMAA to an alumnus?

An entirely independent organisation dedicated only to the interests of MGSM alumni. The best way to connect, learn and grow.

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