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Alan Macdonald

Director - Marketing Communications - Graduation year 2009

Expertise, and industry experience:
Brand & Product Marketing, CRM, Marketing Automation, Digital Transformation

My current goals:
Amongst many things: help build the MGSM Alumni Association and give back to the alumni community.

What did studying at MGSM mean to me?
It enabled me to do what I couldn’t do before. I expanded my knowledge in my chosen field and became a more well-rounded manager by my study of the other business disciplines.

Why do I think it’s important to keep a robust MGSM Alumni Association?
We are all students for limited time, but stay ‘alumni for life’.
MGSM was a major influence in my career, and through a vibrant MGSM Alumni Association I am able to continue to be enriched by the experience.

How would you pitch joining the MGSMAA to an alumnus?
Becoming a member enables you to maintain a voice and presence within the alumni community, and at the same time it offers countless opportunities to keep you connected to your MGSM network, both alumni and lecturers.

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