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The Macquarie University has several faculties. We represent the interests of alumni of the faculty known as Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).

The MGSM has been one of Australia’s leading business schools for over 50 years.


Graduates of MGSM undertook courses in business-related disciplines (as part of an MBA degree) including the following subjects:

Accounting for Management

Economic Context of Management

Financial Management

Foundations of Management Thought

Global Perspectives

Human Resources Management

Information and Decision Analysis

Leadership and General Management

Logistics and Operations Management

Marketing Management

Organisational Behaviour

Strategic Management

Recently the MGSM has been going through a rebranding process, and is now referred to as the Macquarie Business School (MBS).


Alumni of both the MGSM and the MBS are encouraged to join us and become members. As members they will be able to participate in a wealth of experiences and re-engage with fellow alumni.​

However, the MGSM Alumni Association do not represent the alumni of any other of Macquarie University's faculties.


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