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Members tell their story of why they got involved...

"The professional network I have developed and the personal friends I have made during my studies are just as valuable as all the knowledge I gained during my MBA journey.

Like a good red wine it only gets better with time!

I want to continue to grow and develop this network throughout my career and maintain being a member of the MGSM community now that my studies are completed."

- Ben Hallett 

"MGSMAA is a great to place to recall the good time we had in MGSM. It is a community we belong, where we could find not only friendship, but also share our ideas, finding advice and possible raise resources for our life and venture."

- Karl Lijun Qin

"I am delighted to join the MGSMAA to reconnect with like minded people who have also benefited from the program and are now enjoying making their mark in the world.

As a real estate agent I am fortunate to assist families on their life journey whether they are upsizing or downsizing and for me, connecting with my clients stories is vital to delivering the results that will make them smile."

- Geoff Grist

"I chose to become an MGSMAA foundation member because I've enjoyed a strong affiliation with the MGSM during and since completing my MBA, and I wanted to strengthen my relationship with my alma mater. The association consistently offered many networking and development advantages as I continued to excel in my career, and I wanted to both remain connected to my fellow alumni as well as contribute in this new phase."

- Johanna M Hetherington, MBA 1997

'My experience at MGSM led to a career in advertising that took me around the world. The MGSMAA is an opportunity to reconnect and give back.'

- Matt Crawford

'I set up an MGSMAA Chapter for Turkey North Africa while working in Istanbul for WPP in 2018. Having worked internationally in Advertising for 22 years across Asia Pacific and EEMEA, being able to leverage neworks like MGSMAA is an important advantage in business. I am now back in Australia and consulting globally, having just completed 6 months in the Middle East and Iran. I take pride in being a Foundation Member of MGSMAA and the credibility and leverage my MBA brings to my international reputation and career success.'

- Geoffrey Maclean

'As an experienced professional, I had a rewarding learning experience completing my MBA at MGSM between 2011 and 2015. Post program, I have been disappointed in the alumni activities which has been well below my expectations and that of other leading business schools. I think there is enormous opportunity to do a lot more, or at the very least to CONNECT alumni with each other for employment and business development opportunities. I've chosen to join MGSMAA to help make this happen and help shape the future direction of a member led alumni association.'

- John Leard

'To preserve the brand of the MGSM and its alumni as an independent, high quality, successful business school.'

- Richard Kimber

'‘I believe the MGSMAA has a great opportunity to become one of Australia's most globally recognised, independently owned and operated professional associations. Playing a role in the MGSMAA's journey and working with my fellow alumni peers is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.' 

- Mark Pinder

'I really wanted to recreate the active business network I experienced whilst studying at MGSM and I believe MGSMAA is the opportunity to do this.'

- Lindsay Munns

'MGSMAA membership enables me to maintain a voice and presence within the alumni community, and at the same time it keeps me connected to my MGSM network'  

- Alan Macdonald

'I have become a Foundation member of MGSMAA because I think it is important to continue the strong MGSM name. 

It is critical as strong and successful business people we network to leverage the education we invested in - whether completed recently - or back in years gone by!'

- Kate Gunn


'The MGSM MBA was a real booster to my career and I have found MGSM Alumni to be a group of like minded curious executives.

Therefore the opportunity to be part of the foundation of the MGSM Alumni Association was important to me to build and maintain connections with people who are keen to make a difference.'

- Karen Ganshow

©2021 MGSM Alumni Association

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