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We're calling out for the pioneers and early adopters to support us to deliver our vision by becoming foundation members. This one time opportunity will fund our foundation stage as we prepare the association to begin offering annual membership packages.


In return for your $150 contribution we offer:

  • Lifelong Foundation Member status and benefits

  • Foundation membership badging
  • Discounted annual membership fee

  • Discounted access to membership events

  • Opportunity to participate in planning & establishment activity

  • The chance to say you were involved from the start!



As business students we all know that any new organisation with a big vision has to start somewhere. In the early stage it needs to be founded - scoped, planned, funded and built.

Our main resource is our people – we are a cohort of experienced business people with a diverse range of skills and experience, with the drive to get things done.  So we need to combine this resource of dedicated volunteers with an initial funding source to finance our membership platform and infrastructure build.

Click here to know more about how to join.

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