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As a consultant and executive coach, Babette Bensoussan PCC, MP-ELI, MBA has been working in the area of decision making for a couple of decades. So here we are in a VUCA world suffering from infobesity. How do we make better decisions?  


In this Alumni Café event held on 25th August 2020, Babette will address some of the pitfalls she has seen repeatedly and how you can avoid them, often using techniques we learned in our MBA. 

Guest speaker:

Babette Bensoussan


Rebecca Murray


Neil Baird-Watson

Hans Zerr

John Devlin

Harsh Gupta

Andrew Lutterbeck

Anthony Huang

Dania Azari

Sylvia Lamont

Ethann Castell

Suresh Dhanushkoti

Soo Lee

Elsie Foong

Sylvia Pleskot

Hans Zerr

Maria Abarca

Layla Eljerman

Michael Bingard

Adil Sarkari


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